Blind Veterans UK—Temporary Video Verification and CCTV

Blind Veterans UK—Temporary Video Verification and CCTV

D-TECT have been working with Blind Veterans UK for a little while, maintaining the CCTV system at their Brighton property while they complete the transition to Princess Marina House in Rustington. Blind Veterans were preparing to occupy Princess Marina House while redevelopment works took place at the property, when there was a breach of the external area.

To protect the external area, we sent 2 D-TECT Solar Towers to site along with 6 advanced external video verification units. This setup covers the various gates and unsecure areas around the site. We selected the equipment on the towers specifically for this site and the results have been great.

Tower 1, at the front of the property, is equipped with 4 fixed cameras, all with intelligent analytics and 60m night vision. The tower also includes audio challenge, allowing the monitoring station to speak to any possible trespassers.

Tower 2, on the other side of the property, is equipped with a single intelligent analytics and auto tracking PTZ camera to enable the system to track intruders across the large rear garden area. This camera has a night vision distance of over 100m, and coupled with a 25x zoom, is a great camera to cover a large area.

The external video verification system is not only linked to our ARC, but also alerts the PTZ to any intruders, allowing the camera to automatically move to the required position and track the intruders. This comprehensive system ensures that there are no blind spots, and any intruders are tracked by the PTZ camera.

This project has so far been a big success, with no further breaches since the equipment was installed. We hope to assist Blind Veterans with further projects in the future.

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