Burglar Alarm Systems

We pride ourselves here at D-TECT on being one of the market leaders when it comes to the provision of smart app-controlled home security alarm systems in both wireless and wired formats. They make a cost-effective new installation or easy upgrade of your existing system.

We are able to install a range of wired and wireless products from movement sensors to smoke detectors to ensure we build the system to meet your needs. We understand that a fixed cabled alarm system is not always a possibility and the speed of installation coupled with no mess and disruption involved with a wireless alarm system make them very appealing and one of our most popular services.

Our smart burglar alarm systems not only give you app control and notifications, but they also come with several keypad options, including stainless steel decorative, and touch screen enabling you to upload any JPEG image and use that as your screensaver and, in effect, acting as a picture frame. The subtlety of our home security alarm systems means that you do not need to choose between the aesthetics of your home and safety—you can have both. And with wireless fobs, your system can be completely hidden from sight. Integrated alarm / CCTV systems give you the ability to check in on your property if the alarm is activated and offer a complete layer of protection for your home.

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We also offer an annual maintenance service, keeping your alarm in top shape. Click here for more details.

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