Fire Alarm Installation and Maintenance

Fire Alarm Installation

Did you know that on average each year in the UK there are approximately 8,000 fire-related casualties with nearly 300 fatalities? Approximately 50% of all fatalities were the direct result of smoke inhalation. Statistics such as these make for sobering reading, especially when the technology to prevent the loss of life is readily available and increasingly cost-effective. At D-TECT we design and install a wide variety of different fire detectors, smoke detectors and all fire alarm systems for commercial properties, business owners and landlords. These include:
  • Addressable Fire Alarm Systems
  • Conventional Systems
  • Wireless Systems
  • Smoke Control Systems
  • Refuge Systems
We understand that each customer has their own unique requirements, and our trained design team will ensure that you are provided with the package which is right for you. We ensure that we take the necessary levels of protection into consideration along with your budget, to offer you the best possible service.


Once we have installed your fire alarm system, we offer a variety of service packages to ensure your installation is compliant and serviced in accordance with the British Standards.

As a general rule, fire alarm systems will be serviced twice a year. However, high-risk sites and those with vulnerable residents should be serviced each quarter. We have the expertise to ensure you are protected to the relevant requirements and we can service any system regardless of the installing company.

Our team of skilled engineers have the latest test equipment, and we use innovative cloud-based software to ensure your system maintenance is completed to the highest standard and all devices are tested within each 12 month period.

Another fire protection service we offer is the supply and maintenance of fire extinguishers. Ensuring that they are the correct type for your needs and that you know how to properly utilise them in the event of an emergency is paramount. Our qualified technicians are here to help make that happen, checking that your fire extinguishers are maintained to current standards and are in a safe, useable, condition. Click here for more info.

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