Internal Alarm Systems​

Internal Alarm Systems: Cost-Effective, Rapid Protection
D-TECT Temporary Rental Internal Alarm Systems
Our D-TECT Temporary rental internal alarm systems offer a cost-effective, rapid deployment solution, perfect for rapid protection of office and retail spaces. Similar to all our temporary systems, we employ video verification to ensure events are accurately recorded and responded to, effectively minimizing false alarms.

Versatile Solutions for Your Needs
With our D-TECT Lite towers, we provide a completely freestanding solution that doesn’t require any damage or attachment to the building. This makes it an ideal choice for refurbished or new properties awaiting sale or occupation. Offering flexible rental options with no minimum term commitments and competitive rates, we have a solution to meet every requirement.

Reliable Protection, Around the Clock
“Our internal alarm systems never sleep, never take breaks, and never let you down. With 24-hour monitoring, you can trust that you are protected.”

D-TECT Temporary Security Alarm Systems: Ideal for…
• Office spaces
• Retail establishments
• Educational facilities
• Industrial premises
• Void properties
• Rail & Highways
• New construction projects
• Properties for sale or rent
• And more

Contact us for more information or to rent a temporary internal alarm system. Secure your space today.

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