Temporary Security

Temporary Fire & Security Services

Towers & CCTV

We have a range of options available, including fully off-grid solar & gas, power by day and IP CCTV. All of our CCTV systems utilise intelligent analytics and 2-way audio.

Our video verification systems utilise the latest artificial intelligence threat recognition along with HD images to ensure your property or assets are protected.

Our internal alarm systems all feature video verification to ensure the correct action is taken. We have free-standing options available that are perfect for refurbished or new properties awaiting occupation.

Our Working Process


Our expert engineers carefully install your D-TECT systems with precision and efficiency.


After installation, we don’t just forget about you. Our maintenance plan keeps your equipment running just like day one.


24/7 monitoring can help add that extra layer of security, as well as peace of mind.


Our alarm receiving centre or monitoring control room can interact with the site via audio challenge if installed, or send a mobile response.

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