Intruder Alarm Systems

Here at D-TECT, we offer high-tech commercial alarm systems for your business premises, to help protect you, your staff and your assets. We’re able to design, install and maintain these commercial alarm systems across the South and London, for both small and large organisations.

Our business alarm systems are able to both deter and detect intruders, whilst protecting your personnel and property from theft and damage from undesirable elements. All of our commercial intruder alarm systems will meet the needs of your insurance companies, conforming to British and European standards, as you would expect from an SSAIB-accredited company.

We take great pride in the high levels of service we offer thanks to our highly competent and skilled team of engineers, who are able to expertly install each and every system type. Because of the high levels of skill provided by our team, nuisance and false alarms are kept to a minimum without compromising your security and detection.

We are able to utilise the latest advanced sensor technology in our commercial intruder alarm systems, from digital passive infrared to dual technology, including microwave and passive infrared and even acoustic sensors. The flexibility of these devices enables us to tailor the system to suit any building, site or facility regardless of the size and complexity. For more information or to book a survey call 01903 357000.

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