Intruder Alarm Systems

The exterior of a business, showing a D-TECT intruder alarm siren

Intruder Alarm Systems: Safeguarding Your Business
Comprehensive Commercial Alarm Systems
At D-TECT Fire & Security, we provide state-of-the-art commercial alarm systems designed to protect your business premises and your assets. We offer design, installation, and maintenance services for commercial alarm systems across Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey and Kent, catering to both small and large organizations.

Deterrence and Detection
Our business alarm systems serve a dual purpose: deterring potential intruders and promptly detecting unauthorised access. They safeguard your personnel and property from theft and damage, ensuring peace of mind. All our commercial intruder alarm systems meet the requirements of your insurance companies and adhere to British standards, as expected from an SSAIB-accredited company.

Exceptional Service
We take immense pride in the high levels of service we deliver, thanks to our highly competent and skilled team of engineers. Their expertise ensures expert installation of every system type. Our meticulous approach minimises nuisance and false alarms without compromising your security and detection capabilities.

Advanced Sensor Technology
Our commercial intruder alarm systems incorporate cutting-edge sensor technology, including digital passive infrared and dual technology (microwave and passive infrared). The flexibility of these devices allows us to tailor the system to suit any building, site, or facility, regardless of size and complexity.

Contact us today for more information or to schedule a survey on 01903 357000. Secure your business with the latest in intruder alarm technology.

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