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A D-TECT CCTV tower set up in a grassy open space

Towers & CCTV Solutions: Elevating Your Security
D-TECT Pro Rapid Deployment Rental CCTV Towers
Our D-TECT Pro Rapid Deployment Rental CCTV Towers deliver comprehensive coverage with a blend of cutting-edge features. These towers incorporate audio challenge and intelligent analytical detection, enhancing your security setup. They also serve as a visual deterrent, discouraging potential trespassers. We offer a range of power solutions to match your specific requirements, including powered, battery-only (short-term) solar-powered, and hybrid options. Opting for solar not only ensures security but also contributes to your carbon neutrality goals.

D-TECT Lite Towers for Versatile Security
For protecting smaller spaces where attaching to existing infrastructure isn’t feasible, our D-TECT Lite Towers offer versatile solutions. These towers can be equipped with the latest intelligent cameras and video verification systems. They are perfect for locations where remote positioning is necessary. We offer powered, solar and battery-powered options for these towers, ensuring adaptability in remote settings.

Round-the-Clock Vigilance
“Our towers never sleep, never take breaks, and never let you down. With 24-hour monitoring, you can trust that you are protected.”

D-TECT Temporary Security Towers: Ideal for…
• Construction sites
• Empty land
• Void property
• Car parks
• Rail & Highways
• Utilities
• Education
• Anti-social behaviour
• And more

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