Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers: Ensuring Immediate Safety
Importance of Fire Extinguishers
When a fire breaks out, the effectiveness of a fire extinguisher is crucial. It must work flawlessly and immediately. This is why correct checks and servicing are imperative. At D-TECT Fire & Security, our primary goal is to ensure the safety of you, your business, and everyone associated with it. We achieve this through our comprehensive commercial fire extinguisher service.

Safety, Legal Requirement, and Peace of Mind
Beyond being a legal requirement, fire safety is paramount in any business environment. It provides peace of mind to those working in and around your premises. Our commercial fire extinguisher service not only fulfils legal obligations but also contributes to creating a safer environment. We ensure your fire extinguishers are functioning at their best potential.

Selecting the Right Fire Extinguishers
Having the correct fire extinguisher is just as crucial as maintenance. Our engineers ensure you have the correct number and types of extinguishers placed according to BS5306-8:2012 standards. This meticulous approach provides you with peace of mind and the confidence that you’re prepared for any fire emergency.

Quality Assurance
All new fire extinguishers provided by D-TECT Fire & Security are Kitemarked and compliant with BS EN3. For more information, call us on 01903 357000.

Fire Risk Assessment
Unsure if your business requires fire extinguishers or if you have the right types in place? Contact us today to schedule a fire risk assessment. We’ll help you make informed decisions to ensure the safety of your business and those within it.

Contact us now to secure your business with expert fire extinguisher services and fire risk assessments.

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