Fire Risk Assessments

Fire Risk Assessments: Ensuring Compliance and Safety
Compliance with Fire Safety Regulations
Did you know that since 2006, it’s been a legal requirement for the responsible person within a business to conduct a fire risk assessment? At D-TECT Fire & Security, we can assist you in fulfilling this vital obligation. Our qualified assessor will visit your business premises, conducting a thorough survey of the building to identify potential hazards. You’ll receive a comprehensive, detailed report that includes recommendations and guidance on implementing them.

What the Fire Safety Risk Assessment Covers
Our fire safety risk assessment covers a wide range of crucial aspects to ensure the safety of your business:

• Fire Hazards and Ignition Sources: Identifying potential fire sources such as electrics, smoking, cooking, and arson risks.
• Storage and Housekeeping: Ensuring safe storage practices and maintaining a clutter-free environment.
• Outside Contractors and Hot Works: Managing risks associated with external contractors and hot work operations.
• Escape Routes and Means of Escape: Evaluating the effectiveness and safety of escape routes.
• Signs & Notices: Ensuring proper signage and notices are in place.
• Means of Raising the Alarm: Assessing alarm systems and procedures.
• Fixed and Portable Fire Equipment: Inspecting and maintaining fire equipment.
• Emergency Plan: Reviewing emergency response plans.
• Staff Training: Evaluating the level of fire safety training provided to staff.
• Disabled Persons & Visitors: Ensuring safety for all individuals, including disabled persons and visitors.
• Access for Fire Fighters: Confirming that fire services can access the premises when needed.
• Record Keeping: Ensuring that a fire log book and all appropriate records are maintained.

We provide recommendations and suggested solutions for any issues identified during the assessment.

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