CCTV Installation

Security camera technology advances at a phenomenal rate, with new innovations regularly appearing on the market. At D-TECT we pride ourselves on our ability to keep pace with developments, from High-Definition Analogue to networked IP Security systems. We design, install and configure our business CCTV systems to ensure that they remain current and reliable for years to come.

Choosing the correct CCTV camera system is just the start— selecting the correct storage and monitoring package is equally important. Our technical team are highly trained in all aspects of camera technology including the full range of storage options available, from site-based DVR’s to cloud based solutions. We can offer professional advice and system recommendations as part of the service, tailoring the available options to suit your individual requirements and project budget.

At D-TECT we take the time to understand what you are trying to achieve with your purchase of a business CCTV system. When putting together your quote, we will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your unique requirements. Our thorough approach enables us to tailor the service to your wishes, providing the most cost-effective and viable solution.

We understand that each business is individual and that is why we pride ourselves on the flexibility of our service and offer a wide variety of products to suit each situation. Our systems are capable of being fully monitored with the technology to detect intruders and deter anti-social elements.

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