Burglary Crime Rates Have Fallen In Sussex

Burglary Crime Rates Have Fallen In Sussex

Here at D-TECT we regularly check crime rates across Sussex, we look at the rates impacting burglary and reported theft. We believe understanding how our community is being impacted with these crimes allows us to help reduce these rates with the aid of CCTV and smart intruder alarm systems.

Overall, the reported statistics for burglary across East and West Sussex since the start of the year have fallen.

In January 2020, the reported number of burglaries was reported to be 705 cases, with a steady decline in February 2020 reported at 698. However, in the months of April, May, and August burglaries fell each month being reported just under 500 per month. Historic data shows us that we need to be more vigilant at the first quarter of the year. This seems to be the peak period of burglary crimes.

Burglaries can be prevented with the aid of security devices such as CCTV surveillance and Intruder alarms. At D-TECT we specialise in all varieties of alarms systems from wired and wireless solutions. We supply and fit all CCTV and surveillance systems.

Other pointers that can help prevent burglars are:

1, Keep quiet on social media, do not advise when you home or business is unoccupied

2, Close all window shutters to hide valuable goods

3, Do the end of day checks, lock all windows and doors, it is easy to forget

4, motion sensor security lighting

Making sure that you follow your pointers and invest into a reliable security system will significantly reduce your risk of burglary.

At D-TECT we supply 3 different levels of CCTV systems, from our professional entry-level, D-TECT Popular and the Premium range. So, we are confident that we can supply and install a package that meets your budget and requirements. CCTV has come along way since the first CCTV camera to be used here in the UK in 1960.

Finding the right security system for you

As the specialist in security systems across Sussex, Hampshire, and Surrey we are happy to help advise and answer questions. Contact our D-TECT team today on 01903 357000 or info@dtectgroup.co.uk to find out more.

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