D-TECT Alarm and CCTV Remote Monitoring

D-TECT Alarm and CCTV Remote Monitoring

If you have an intruder alarm system, you may think the only way to set and unset it is by using the manual keypad installed. Well times are changing and in today’s modern-day world, there are many phone and smart device applications on the market to allow you to control your intruder alarm system on the move.

At D-TECT we work closely with the leading manufacturers in the security sector, and we have trialled many mobile applications on the market. With our technical knowledge on CCTV, Intruder, and fire alarms systems we want to recommend the mobile app that we think is the best. At D-TECT we always listen to our customers, that is why we decided to get them involved when looking at which intruder alarm app is best for our client base. When choosing an alarm application there are many different factors to consider, the most consistent factors within our focus group were:

1, An intruder app that is reliable

2, An app that was easy to use

3, An app that we could use anywhere in the world

Like most mobile and computer software applications they rely on different things to keep the program working to their optimum, such as processor speed, storage capacity and operating software. The intruder alarm app of choice here at D-TECT is called ‘ControlPlus’ it is cloud based, which means you will be connected from anywhere in the world. Not only is the app easy and simple to use for arming and disarming, but it also provides you with instant push notifications.

A new feature of this intruder alarm app is the manual ‘audio warning’ feature. So, if you hear something whilst upstairs, you can press a button within the app to sound its audio recording, a great way to scare of intruders.

To find out more or to book a free demo contact our friendly team at D-TECT today.

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