Microsoft Campus (Reading)—Temporary Security

Microsoft Campus (Reading)—Temporary Security

We have worked with Guarding UK for over 5 years, providing tech systems alongside their physical security for clients across the South and London. Microsoft had moved out of two units on their Reading campus so they needed some temporary security to monitor the premises in their absence. We provided cost-effective protection via our off-grid rental systems whilst Guarding UK provided response to any alarms.

Initially, both buildings were fitted with our internal D-TECT RSI video verification systems. Whilst this successfully protected the buildings, the end client suffered fly-tipping within the carpark areas. To prevent this, we sent one of our solar towers to site. Not only do they provide a vast area of coverage; they also are a huge visual deterrent—many would-be fly-tippers tend to turn around at the sight of a CCTV tower. Since the introduction of the tower, there were no more incidents within the carpark areas, demonstrating its effectiveness.
With the buildings now having a refit to prepare for sale, we removed the internal D-TECT RSI video verification and added a second solar tower to the rear compound area to protect plant and machinery on-site. This setup worked extremely well and has been left in place until a sale is agreed. Both towers are equipped with the most advanced technology, including 4 fixed intelligent analytical cameras and audio challenge.

Whenever deciding on temporary security equipment, we always consider all the options and provide the most appropriate solution—we will never try to sell you something that isn’t useful to you. At the start of this project, it was determined that the internal RSI video verification would be the most appropriate solution. However, once the client started having fly-tipping troubles in the carparks, we knew that more surveillance was necessary to keep the site secure, so we suggested the addition of a solar CCTV tower. Our responsive attitude to our temporary security projects means that our customers can always rest easy, knowing that their site is protected in the most appropriate way.

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