Saywell International—Alarms Installation

Saywell International – Commercial Alarms Installation

After a long period of suffering from false alarms and problems with their fire alarm systems, Saywell International contacted us after receiving a recommendation from one of our other clients. They reached out to us and asked us if we could visit their site and review their fire system and recommend a way forward. The Saywell International site is made up of 6 addressable fire alarm panels and over 1000 devices all linked in one network, so this was quite the challenge.

Our experienced team worked to put together a proposal for Saywell International. This included producing a full asset list and map of all devices throughout the site. Once we had this list, we would then 100% test all of the devices to identify any issues. The team carried out some of these tests outside of working hours to ensure minimal disruption. After this was all completed, we had identified some weaknesses within the system.

Next we had to repair and address any faults found on the test. This was done to a high standard with minimal disruption to the client and we are pleased that after these were corrected the system has been false alarm free for over 18 months. Saywell International no longer had to be disrupted by the false alarms.

The D-TECT team are now responsible for the service of the fire alarm system, which we carry out once every quarter. Not only do we service the fire alarm system, but we also took over the ongoing service of the intruder alarms and access control systems.

Since working with Saywell International, we have also upgraded their access control system to include the video intercom in their main reception.

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