Types of Burglar Alarm Systems

Different Types of Alarm

The diversity and range of alarm systems presently available can make selecting the best alarm system difficult. The information provided below is not a perfect guide; rather it will assist you to know the fundamental differences among the three types of alarm system available.

A recent survey conducted on 281 burglar alarm installers in the United Kingdom gave a regular estimated price for a burglar alarm system for a 3-bedroom semi-detached house at £875.

A fundamental system might be projected to consist of an exterior bell or siren and strobe light surrounded in a long-lasting box; a digital control or key-operated panel and lots of infra-red movement detectors positioned in susceptible areas. Contacts on doors and windows may likewise be integrated.

Bell only alarms

Generally, this is the most popular choice. Should the alarm be triggered, a clear alarm sounds. This alerts you or your neighbours that a burglar is trying to or has entered the premises. This system type may be suitable for most regular dwellings. On the other hand, it is based on the lifestyle, location of the property or nature of the content and the inhabitant.

The system needs to always be built-in by a licensed installer to the related British Standards.

Auto (GSM) dialer or Speech dialer system

This is a cheaper option compared to having a whole monitored system. With a speech dialer, as soon as the alarm is activated, pre-planned numbers you choose will be dialled. A pre-recorded message alerts the neighbour or key holder to the alarm. Should the phone line be disabled or cut, then no signal would be sent. Under no circumstances should you programme police telephone numbers into the auto-dialer.

The GSM alarm unit forwards a text message to you and/or other contacts registered. It is independent of the phone line. Usually, it can forward a text to at most three numbers, with no third-party monitoring and can utilise virtually any basic off-the-rack SIM on your preferred network. For instance, Orange, O2, Virgin and others.

Monitored systems

The system installed may be similar to a bells only system, if not that when the alarm is triggered, a signal will be sent to notify a remote monitoring centre. They may then validate that the alarm is not fake and if required, they will notify the police.

It is essential that the monitoring centre is recognised by the police. An exclusive reference number, which recognises the premises, should be obtained by the installer from the police whenever the alarm system is fixed. To obtain this number, the monitoring centre and the installer should have registered with a licensed body like SSAIB.

Monitored systems never assure a police response. However, if they are realistically sure that somebody has broken into the premises, it will be flagged as a precedence call. If on the other hand, a system possesses three false alarms per year (in Scotland four) the Unique Reference Number will be cancelled by the police. To reconnect, proof that the situation has been put under control should be provided to the police in about three months.

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