Security On Your Side: Why Opt For CCTV Monitoring Services?

D-TECT boasts over two decades of aggregate experience within the fire and security sector. Thanks to our targeted approaches and our hands-on client relationships, we are pleased to provide a host of CCTV monitoring services across the South, Midlands and London. One of the reasons why D-TECT is preferred when nothing but the best will do arises with our ability to keep one step ahead of potential threats. If you have been considering a closed-circuit television monitoring system for your property, it is important to know what to expect when working in conjunction with our team of security professionals.

Flexibility Counts

One of the drawbacks often associated with a generic CCTV monitoring system is that it is unable to offer the necessary levels of flexibility. Domestic properties will have different requirements when compared to industrial and commercial customers, so each system needs to be designed accordingly. This is why D-TECT offers a wide range of products and configurations to choose from. From HD analogue cameras that are able to record events with superior levels of clarity to entire IP-based security systems, the fact of the matter is that our approaches will always depend upon the requirements of the client in question. You can, therefore, rest assured that these and other solutions are as reliable as they are fully scalable.

Let us also keep in mind that our systems can be designed for permanent use or for temporary requirements (such as monitoring a vacant building or a construction site in order to deter potential threats). The mere presence of a CCTV monitoring system could very well thwart a would-be burglar.

Addressing Modern Storage Solutions

Whether referring to a home or a business, there is no doubt that CCTV monitoring services are only as effective as their associated storage solutions. Once again, the team at D-TECT is pleased to offer a number of suggestions. In-house DVR recording could be ideal for some clients while cloud-based systems may be chosen in order to enjoy an extra sense of redundancy. Either way, our consultants are capable of demonstrating the benefits of each; allowing you to make an informed decision that is fully tailored to your property.

On-Site Assessments

It is impossible to fully appreciate the security requirements of a property simply by viewing a virtual floor plan. In order to implement the best options and approaches, our team will perform a thorough on-site assessment. This is important in order to identify any potential vulnerabilities as well as to choose the correct equipment for the project at hand. Once again, clients will be kept in the loop during every step of the procedure.

Unique Pricing Packages

D-TECT has put together a number of pricing plans based upon your security requirements as well as your financial situation. Parts and labour, labour-only and pay-as-you-go packages are three common options to select. Each of these will be explained thoroughly so that no hidden costs or surprises are encountered in the future. Any call-outs are likewise quite flexible; addressing emergency situations as well as timely maintenance requirements. Above all, our professionals are on call 24 hours a day and seven days a week. There is no such concept as “downtime” when it comes to bespoke security solutions.

D-TECT is on your side when you need us the most. Notwithstanding our professional CCTV monitoring services, we provide additional options such as fire alarm installations and risk assessments. For more information please call 01903 357000 where our experienced team are on hand to answer any questions you may have.

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